Mr. Uday Pratap Singh is the CMD & Owner of Metabolic Restoration Therapy Ltd. Mr Singh’s distinguished career includes public service and business of social interest. All his projects are one-of-a-kind and mainly focus on the welfare of the people of India first.

He ventures into such projects where making profits are not the primary goal but a social cause is an utmost priority. He has varied business interests in Healthcare, Real Estate, Films, Investments, Education and Aviation.

WE BELIEVE making profits are not the primary goal, but a SOCIAL CAUSE is an utmost PRIORITY.

We are bound by our mission.

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In 1993, as a result of mediation efforts in resolving social development issues between India and Nepal, the Government of India awarded Mr. Uday Pratap Singh with the Gem of India Award by Shri Arjun Singh, the then Honourable Minister of Human Resource Development.

In 1994, he was also recognized with the Hind Gaurav Award by K.V. Thangaballu, the then Honourable Minister for Social Welfare.

In 1996 and 1988 as a state guest on the govt invitation Mr. Uday Pratap Singh had visited China on both occasions. He was invited by the Chinese government organization IE China Civil Eng Construction Ltd.

During his stay in Edmonton, Canada between 2003 – 2006 he trained himself in a very specialized healthcare treatment projects named Clinical Islet Transplant Group, which cures Diabetes. During this period he was the co coordinator of this program Clinical Islet Transplant in Alberta University and was actively involved in the various processes of development of this treatment program under Edmonton Protocol along with Dr. Jonathan R.T. Lakey, Ph.D. and his whole team on the Project. Mr. Singh is the Asia Head for this Program.

Mr. Singh had signed an MOU between CITG & The Govt. of Gujarat, India at Vibrant Gujarat Global Investor’s Summit in 2007 for setting up of a Diabetes Hospital in Gujarat and he has the approval from the Indian Government for diabetes rescue treatment based on the islet transplantation.

Between 2008-2013 he was actively based in Jakarta and travelling to Dubai for promotion of the MRT (Metabolic Restoration Therapy) treatment for eradication of diabetes in these countries.

Mr. Abhishek Saraf is the Executive Director of Metabolic Restoration Therapy Ltd. He is based in Moscow, Russia wherein the Corporate office of the Company is located. He is based in Russia for the last 15 years and actively engaged in commodity and equipment trade between Switzerland, Germany and Russia.

Coupled with enormous experience and huge skills amassed by him in Moscow over the past decade, he is overall in charge and fully focused on designing, developing and implementing strategic plans for the setting up of MRT centres in India and Middle East in the 1st Phase.