Diabetic Adjunct Therapies and Education

  • Thorough Analysis of personalized history, body chemistry and hormonal structure
  • Nutritional modification, LCHF Diet, Education
  • Tri-Betic Supplements and Meal Replacements
  • Type 2 RDDT nutritional supplements
  • Anti-diabetic beverage
  • Additional Ancilliary Programs
  • Specialized Diet for Local Palate designed as per hormonal structure of  the local population

Nutritional Change Program (NCP)

  • Teach and Follow Principles of Low Carbohydrate High fat diet (LCHF)
  • Alternating mechanisms and effects of  “ketogenic” metabolism
  • Nursing, Nutritional and Exercise support
  • Website, phone apps -> interactive
  • Restaurant which guides and teaches the patients and general public about the correct diet to achieve weight loss with success

Tri-Betic Meal Replacement 

Replacement meal suitable for carbohydrate control and relaxing one meal per day

A supplement to aid in digestion

A vitamin combination to supplement support for the diabetic patient